Gingrich Piano Studio is located in a 1950’s era home on a residential street in the West Lake neighborhood. Since buying the house in the spring of 2016, the Gingrichs added a new door and deck, giving piano students a private entrance into a newly-renovated teaching space. We are excited with the results!

Click this address to find us on Google Maps:
251 W Lake Dr NW, Atlanta GA 30314

In the center of the studio is a classic black Kawai upright piano (purchased in Harlem, NY, when Gingrich Piano Studio began). Shoji room dividers give students privacy during lessons, yet allow family members to hear the lesson from the waiting area. Or, if you prefer, relax outdoors on a shaded corner of the deck. A restroom is easily accessible from both waiting and teaching areas.

Enjoy these pictures, then schedule a visit to Gingrich Piano Studio!